ATWI 2022: How To Apply


We are now accepting applications for 2022 
Applying to All the Way In is a two-step process:

1) Fill out the registration form below.

2) Send an email to with these attachments:
  • a photo of yourself (or link to a website or facebook)
  • samples of your singing in mp3 format.
    Please read Rhiannon's instructions on the right side of this page.
    audio file conversion website

Upon acceptance, we ask that you reserve your spot by paying a deposit, due at the time of acceptance, which will reserve your place in the retreat.
Tuition is $6500, with a $200 discount offered until September 15. Complete payment due no later than December 15.

Mp3 Audition Info

Dear Singers,

I would like to ask you to participate in an audition. In this day and age, mp3s are such an easy way to move sound around. If you cannot manage an MP3 please contact Margie and she will offer some other options. The purpose of this audition is to help me put a balanced group of singers and improvisers together, which benefits everyone in the end. Please don't stress about it, but just sing to me what you know from your music experience.

1. Sample #1: Sing one minute or less of a song that you feel comfortable with (not the whole song). Please sing without accompaniment..... a cappella is requested.

2. Sample #2: Then sing a one minute or more sample of you improvising. Try to include something that demonstrates your understanding of rhythm, syncopation, melody and scales (if you don't understand this, don't worry about it. Just do what you do.) Again, no instruments..... A cappella is requested.

We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your interest in studying with me. I wish you a stimulating audition experience. I will be happy to hear your voice.

Much love in the music,

All the Way In 2022 Registration Form

All The Way In 2022: Perugia, Italy and Hakalau, Hawaii


Your spirit, soul and way of honoring and treating music is world changing. It has a strong effect in the music itself but it also clears the spirit, which gives the soul an opportunity to speak from an honest place Ulla Britt, Denmark   ATWI 2017 

Deeply moving. Life changing. Unfolding and emerging relationships with land, body, voice and community. Unlocking new potentiality through music and sound. Connecting to my native roots. Breath of joy and freedom. A remembering of my true calling.  
Charlotte Roberts, Australia, ATWI 2017 

What has remained so powerfully with me since doing the ALL THE WAY work is the body memory the workshops created within me. The work continues to live in my bones; the techniques get grounded to your creative source, you will never lose them, even if they get rusty from time to time. Rhiannon has really tapped into something essentially human and exceptional in this training. Writing is the place where I do my creative reckoning, where at times I feel I am engaged in a wrestling match, but for me, music, and particularly singing is the great exaltation, the exhale, the wail -- the beckoning, the balm. I have always wanted to incorporate music into my plays without them becoming musicals and the ALL THE WAY work has created an amazing foundation and trust in the voice and shown me how song can be linked to play text so that difficult stories can be truly heard, and therefore felt by an audience.   Denise Kumani Gantt, Seattle, WA   ATWI 2009 

My year in ATWI was transformative. Not only did I grow by miles in vocal ability, ATWI brought new energy, clarity and focus to my artistic process and identity. The breadth and depth of experience and skill among the singers in the program was a huge bonus on top of the generous and masterful teaching and guidance we received form Rhiannon and her assistants. Germaine Ingram, Philadelphia PA   ATWI 2008 

I love Rhiannon. She's a fabulous artist and teacher. I love her depth, humor, directness, artistry, spirituality, awareness of earthly matters. What a combo. What an inspiration! Her feedback was so profound and moving. She deeply cares about each singer. And even gives difficult feedback (like recommending a life change) with so much care love and honesty. No ego whatsoever. Beautiful how she lets each one blossom from where they're at. This work is so welcome in my life. Such new territory; such a long forgotten dream. I so love ATWI. I get to give the gift I give to my singers so well, to myself. My guard is slowly coming down. Thank you!  Marion van Namen, Portland, OR   ATWI 2017 

ATWI really became a home for me. I have felt the love and support of Rhiannon and each person in the group since we began. To take such intimate musical risks while being held by this group has profoundly marked my life process. And it’s all good. 
Celeste Niehaus, Louisville CO    ATWI 2008 

ALL THE WAY IN has been a major landmark in my learning about this craft called improvisational singing. The sharing of knowledge, tools and unique perspectives by the participants is a valuable adjunct to the course materials themselves. I have made lifelong friends with whom I am sure to collaborate, in the future. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about vocal improvisation. 
Emile Hassan Dyer, Los Angeles CA   ATWI 2008, 2009 

Rhiannon can so easily and lovingly bring me to my edges - that wonderful place that I sometimes dare not go - in music making and living. ATWI was a supportive, challenging, wonderful group experience where I felt myself grow stronger in myself, and felt my voice seek out and explore new territory too. At the end of these three weeks I have returned home to life and work as a music educator with a renewed commitment to music, deeper attention to my own process, the continuing support of my ATWI colleagues, and a feeling of new beginnings. THANKS from me and all the people I live and work with! 
Becky Graber, Brattleboro VT   2008 

Time with Rhiannon has seen me grow more and more completely into myself as a musician, singer, improviser, and human being. She encourages us to bring our hearts fully into our singing presence and to create music that connects at higher and deeper levels. While we focus with curiosity on development of vocal, musical and improvisational skills, we learn about growing the community, honoring our ancestors, expressing our truth, listening, remembering our bodies, and celebrating our lives - in the moment, on the fly, with open hearts and voices. This work is good for the world, and so much fun! 
David Haddock, Vancouver, Canada   ATWI 2013, 2015-16

Waiting for my flight back to Canada after almost 3 weeks away – goodbye Portugal! What a fantastic time I had in this beautiful country, singing and improvising with Rhiannon and two different groups of international improvisers. This was the second week of Rhiannon's "All the Way In" program--in its 10th year now. I was a copilot for the first year but really needed to jump back in and stretch my edges. Highly recommended! It's so great to be back in the vocal river! The work just keeps expanding and deepening! I'm very lucky to be singing with such a wonderful and skilled group of singers – we are having so much fun and diving in deeper and deeper! Week 3 will be in Copenhagen in October. What a great gift this was to myself! I am rebooting my energy and adjusting my life compass--feeling more and more myself. Who knows what will be next… Laurel Murphy BC   ATWI 2017