The Ocean Regards Us All As One

The Ocean Regards Us All As One is Rhiannon's collaboration is with dancer and singer Shizuno Nasu of Volcano Village, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan. Their performances are rich with the cultural mix of the ancient dances of the Shinto temples and the raucous blend of jazz, soundscape and world music. Bridging cultures, they meet in the universal world of improvisation. They perform in Hawaii and toured Japan in 2012,  performing at Shinto temples and art galleries. 

from Rhiannon: "Working consistently with a skilled & creative dancer is teaching me how improvisation inhabits the body and informs my singing. Jami Sieber on cello joined us March 11, 2012 for a collaborative concert at the Palace Theater in Hilo, Hawai’i.  The Ocean Regards Us All As One commemorated the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 2011. Also included in this event was an exhibit of the photos of Jan Watson and the paintings of Susumu Sakaguchi.

A magnificent spectacle of vibrant energy...
genuine and from the heart..  

Pauline Chakmakjian,  The Japan Society, UK

Our April 2012 Visit to Japan

We fly Japan Airlines into Kobai airport, Osaka and are met by Shizuno and Misuko, all of us shouting out when we finally see one another after all these plans and trusting this will really work. We drive in her Mercedes on the longest elevated roadway I have ever been on. 45 minutes at least without exits, just on and on toward the mythical Osaka which we can't see, but only the industry and power plants that hold this 2nd largest city in Japan.

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