About Vocal River

The second pressing of Vocal River, Rhiannon's acclaimed book and card set, has arrived
...but we are sold out again --soooo sorry!! 

 July, 2018
We are temporarily sold out of Vocal River.
We will be able to fill orders for hard copies of the book and card set sometime in August.
We are also in process of creating a downloadable version which will be available on Rhiannon's website within a few weeks.

If you ordered and do not want to wait until August,I can refund your money and you can re-order in August.
Or, you can wait and receive a hard copy or switch over to a downloadable copy.

We are delighted sales are going so well, but sorry for the inconvenience
Please contact Margie if you have any questions: margiecaot@gmail.com

 In Vocal River,  Rhiannon reveals the skill and spirit of improvisation —both onstage and in daily life—for singers, musicians, artists and anyone interested in combining the creative aspects that touch all our lives.

Please note: Wholesale orders, schools, stores: contact
Margie Farmer, 252-202-0865  margiecaot@gmail.com