SESSION ONE: HAKALAU, HAWAII    arrival Saturday, January 29th,  teaching days January 30 through Saturday, February 5, departure Feb.6

SESSION TWO: PERUGIA, ITALY        arrival Wednesday, June 22, 2022, teaching days June 23-29,2022, departure Thursday, June 30, 2022

SESSION THREE: east coast USA (TBD) arrival Saturday, October 1, teaching days October 2-October 2-8, 2022, departure Sunday Oct. 9, 2022

All The Way In - Invitation from Rhiannon

Rhiannon is excited to announce the 13th year of her mastery level program. We invite you to join Rhiannon for All The Way 2022. In a course taught as a series of three one-week sessions, 6 hours per day, held in different locations during the year. Each session location is chosen for the creative powers of the community there and the natural beauty of the place, both of which contribute mightily to our study.  We will take a deep dive into the treasure of vocal improvisation. The place, the songs, the invention of each day, the need to be flexible and trusting, the circle of singers, the meeting and parting three times during the year with time in between to integrate and study - all of this contributes to life-changing musical growth. You can count on it.

This course is for 16 to 20 advanced singers with a deep and daily commitment to their voices, musical lives and to building community with song. Students must be committed to the whole series. Singers will be able to develop strong relationships with one another and with Rhiannon, as well as having the assurance that each session will reach further into the skills and spirit of improvisation. Admission is by permission from Rhiannon.

Stay connected. A very important goal of this course is to develop alliances and projects that could continue after the completion of these sessions. Between sessions there will be assignments and periodic check-ins through conference calls, blogging and emails.

Rhiannon will have two “co-pilots”, senior students of her work, who are also strong teachers in their own realms, to participate and collaborate with her and with you. They will be part of all the sessions, bringing special qualities that you will find very helpful and inspiring.     
ATWI co-pilots

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Each year, All The Way In features different dates and locations.
Please review the information carefully regarding each session.  
Applications are now being accepted for 2022