Enter the rich, spontaneous world of vocal improvisation with WeBe3 - Rhiannon, David Worm and Joey Blake. These three cornerstones of the world-wide a cappella community began improvising together in 1986, and today, 25 years later, perform, teach, and share a remarkable bond and commitment to vocal improvisation. As original members of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra, WeBe3 continues to tour internationally with Voicestra, enjoying special projects with Bobby. They are also founding members of the innovative a cappella ensemble SoVoSo', as well as the vocal/instrumental ensemble, Bowl Full of Sound.
With a deep, shared, musical knowledge, WeBe3 creates totally improvised concerts, blending genres, creating soundscapes, and moving seamlessly from the center to the outer edge.

About WeBe3

Bass singer Joey Blake has an unmistakable style, as fluid as it is unique, full of surprise and delivered with masterful grace. The ease with which he uses his voice like an instrument is nothing less than spectacular and speaks to his seasoned depth as a musician.

David Worm brings his rich, evocative tenor voice to the mix, introducing horn-like improvisations and physically animated soloing, utilizing his endless array of sounds, and holding the time as an extraordinary vocal percussionist.

Rhiannon's pliable, passionate voice holds the melody while inventing absolutely arresting language and poetry revealing her as a singer of soaring invention and pinpoint musicality. Then again she might hold the time while the guys take the lead.

WeBe3 is magical and skillful. Together Rhiannon, Joey and David hold spirit and musical integrity in steady hands. webe3music.com