All The Way In 2019

ALL THE WAY IN is Rhiannon's mastery level program. In 2019, sessions will be held on Rhiannon's farm in Hawaii, in Perugia, Italy, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Singers must be committed to the whole series.  Learn about the sessions


HAKALAU, HAWAII  |  Saturday, Feb 2 - Sun Feb 10
PERUGIA, ITALY   |  Tues June 4 - Wed June 12
ATLANTA, GA   |  Sat Oct 19 - Sun Oct 27

Note:  No sessions on arrival and departure days.

Deeply moving. Life changing. Unlocking new potentiality through music and sound. Breath of joy and freedom.
Charlotte Roberts, Australia,  ATWI 2017

Co-Pilots: All The Way In 2019

Germaine Ingram 

Germaine Ingram is a jazz tap dancer, choreographer, songwriter, and improviser. Through choreography, music composition, performance, writing, designing and leading artist learning environments, she explores themes tied to history, collective memory, and social justice. Current projects include an exploration of the evolution of Yoruba-rooted performative practice in Philadelphia; a performative exploration of the factors that produced an “inspired circle” of jazz innovators, including John Coltrane, Odean Pope, Shirley Scott, and others; and participation in building a global infrastructure to support art, culture and conflict transformation. She has received numerous awards and fellowships, including ones from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the Leeway Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Humanities Council.

Sonja Morgenegg 

Sonja Morgenegg is a singer, composer, improviser and voice teacher living near Zuerich.  She has performed on several national and international stages especially in Switzerland and Germany. Her experience singing many different music styles and her studies at the School of Jazz in Switzerland give her a strong background in improvised singing. Sonja was trained in vocal coaching at the Academy of She has released her first album, On the Wings of Sound, in 2015. Since she met Rhiannon in ATWI 2012 and ATWI 2014, she has deepened the connection between her roots in Swiss Yodel and free improvised singing. Sonja has since developed a new style of teaching and way to yodel on stage, and her next album, My Roots, will be released in 2019.

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