All The Way In 2020

ALL THE WAY IN is Rhiannon's mastery level program. In 2020, sessions will be held on Rhiannon's farm in Hawaii, in Perugia, Italy, and in Montreal, Canada. Singers must be committed to the whole series.  Learn about the sessions 

Session Dates

Session 1  Hawaii          SAT Feb 15 - SUN FEB 23, 2020
Session 2  Perugia      WED JULY 1 - THURS JULY 9, 2020
Session 3  Montreal  SAT OCT 3 - SUN OCT 11, 2020

Note:  No sessions on arrival and departure days

Deeply moving. Life changing. Unlocking new potentiality through music and sound. Breath of joy and freedom.
Charlotte Roberts, Australia,  ATWI 2017


Valentina Levchenko

Valentina is a Ukrainian singer and improviser. She was born behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union, grew up in a young independent Ukraine and evolved as a musician in different countries and cultures. After a Master degree in Psychology, she built a career in a human resource in a huge metallurgical company that she left to follow her dream of being a singer. She spent 2018 with Rhiannon diving into ATWI, studying body percussion and musical facilitation in Brazil with Música de círculo community, touring West Coast with ATWI mates, performing and teaching in Moscow and Sweden, being away from home for a long time and immersion in improvisation gave her the opportunity to understand her own voice and accept her roots. In 2019 she came back to Brazil to record her first album - Ukrainian folk music combined with Brazilian and African rhythms (release -July 2019). Now she is exploring different ways of teaching and using improvisation in performances.


Charles Haines

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