WeBe3: Workshops

It is rare to have the opportunity to study with all three of these devoted teachers in one setting. Individually and as a trio they possess the capacity to encourage, stimulate and challenge every singer in the circle. Teaching collaboratively, they use a format that allows deep work in listening, ensemble blend and soloing. Students develop the skills and courage to express their own spontaneous sound and discover how music can create community and change lives.
Workshop descriptions

Joey Blake takes us to the bottom of the sound, illuminating bass lines, groove, chord changes, and complex rhythmic structures. Joey has extensive experience in multiple musical styles and uses that lifetime of training to teach each student vital aspects of ensemble vocal music.

David Worm trains singers in percussive vocal techniques, understanding and singing the sounds and rudiments of a wide variety of percussive instruments, interpreting various time signatures and singing “the pocket”. David also takes students through an overview of improvisation as it pertains to negotiating chord changes as well as exploring intervallic scale-based soloing over one chord vamps, basic blues and the chord progressions of popular song.

Rhiannon, a devoted teacher for 35 years, is in a category by herself, exploring the skill and spirit of improvisation. Her expertise lies with the connection between body and voice, teaching the invention of melody, harmony, rhythm, language, and story while guiding the singer towards the heart and soul of their musical self.
The calibre and breadth of our faculty's experience was incredibly inspiring. Their studies and travels giving us parlay to so many new worlds. My own writing couldn't help but be elevated. This trip was the impetus of a whole new way of making music and understanding my craft.Thank you!  
 Niki Andre, Songwriter-Singer, Toronto
Participant, WeBe3 workshop