Drop of Rain

The rain fell down. It poured.
Everything that was dry and afraid,
became so moist, so wet.
In the forest, in the fields of grass.
On the hillsides, the rain poured.
It beat against the trees and buildings alike.
And we were so glad, so grateful.
Because sometimes we think there will not be more.
We think there will not be enough.
We think there will be no more time, for us.
We get shrunken in our courage.
And then it rains down on us.
Oh god, it rains down on us.
Oh everybody stand out in the rain ‘cause it’s raining for us.
It’s raining ‘til we believe.
‘Til we believe there is enough.
‘Til we believe we can make it again.
‘Til we see one another, truly see one another.
‘Til we touch the root of goodness.
In a drop of rain,
ohhhh the goodness in a drop of rain,
caught in our hand.
Held like a diamond.
Like a little bitty miracle that comes down on us.
Over and over again…..
How could we dare to stop believing?
It comes over and over and over again.
Don’t you know, any time you stop believing,
you just sit there a minute,
Something’s gonna happen
to make you, to make me
To make all of us, good & bad times.
One drop of rain…