Dear singers/improvisors of the world, 
My most sincere greetings as I shelter on my farm in Hawaii. 
Even though I miss you all so much, I feel fortunate to be with animals and plants and have plenty to do with my days in quarantine. Spring on farms is always productive and now more than ever as the small organic farms are playing a huge role in getting fresh food to people. Deeply grateful. 

I have been waiting to arrange some initial online teaching until I felt a strong urge and some skills to manage this new modality. 
In recent Zoom sessions with singers, there is a sense of community and we are teaching one another how to manage the platforms of online music.

These sessions are meant to offer music study time together, feedback, some new ideas as well as referring to the exercises from Vocal River.  I am eager to step into the river with you. 

Music is more important than ever. Feels like food, like luxury of connection and creative stimulation that we thrive on. 
 We are on the front lines of community. Let’s meet and swim, or paddle or surf or float on our backs together.   I miss you. See you soon online.

Rhiannon is  offering online options for spring/summer 2020.  We are keeping the size of the groups small  so Rhiannon can see and hear each singer.

Each group will meet four times with Rhiannon on ZOOM.

These first online offerings are available beginning MAY 2020.

Session 1: full group with Rhiannon

Session 2: full group with Rhiannon

Session 3: partial split section meeting with Rhiannon

Session 4: Full group with Rhiannon

A little more info about schedules:
We currently have four different classes for the month of MAY:

for experienced improvisers  meets TUESDAYS in MAY beginning MAY 5th.
MAY 5--12-19-26, 2020    10:00 am to 11:30 am  HAWAII TIME  sold out

for experienced improvisers  Wednesdays in MAY beginning Mat 6th.
MAY 6-13-20-27, 2020   10:00 am HAWAII TIME 
  sold out
for experienced improvisers    FRIDAYs in MAY beginning Mat 8th
MAY 8-15-22-29, 2020   2:00 pm HAWAII TIME   sold out
 for those new to improvisation or for those singers who have not studied with Rhiannon
SATURDAYS in MAY beginning MAY 9th
MAY 9-16-23-30, 2020  10:00 am HAWAII TIME  sold out

--please register below

for those singers new to Rhiannon's teaching
(this includes those singers who have taken classes at Omega)
TUESDAYS      10am to 11:30 am HAWAII TIME          JUNE 9-16-23-30 sorry sold out

for experienced improviserswho have studied with Rhiannon before in weekend workshops, week long workshop or All The Way In
WEDNESDAYS     10am to 11:30 am HAWAII TIME        JUNE 10-17-24 and July 1 sorry sold out
for experienced improviserswho have studied with Rhiannon before in weekend workshops, week long workshop or All The Way In 
FRIDAYS     9am to 10:30 am HAWAII TIME      JUNE 12-19-26 and July 3   sorry sold out
~~~~additioanlly, there are two private groups that have registrered for private sessions with Rhiannon in June. 
Please read on about July offerings:

for experienced improviserswho have studied with Rhiannon before in weekend workshops, week long workshop or All The Way In  
TUESDAYS  5:00-6:30 PM HAWAII TIME    JULY 7-14-21-28 sorry sold out
(this is a private class for members of the Danish Arts Council-stay tuned for more info)  
WEDNESDAYS     10am to 11:30 am HAWAII TIME    JULY 8-15-22-29
THURSDAYS  this is a special group only for singers who have completed MAY and/or JUNE online class sessions for exp. improvisers  
 10:00 am to 11:30 am Hawaii Time   JULY 9-16-23-30 sorry sold out
FRIDAYS for experienced improviserswho have studied with Rhiannon before in a MAY or JUNE 4 week online class for exp. improvisers. 
2:00-3:30 PM HAWAII TIME      JULY 10-17-24-31 

Please register below and stay in communication with Margie and we will do all we can to fit you into a class at a time that works for you. we are trying to find some time for more classes. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT OF RHIANNON'!
TAKE CARE and thanks so much for keeping in touch.

Please be sure to check the time zone where you are. Class times are stated in HILO, HAWAII time.
check your time zone using this website:


*Before applying
please make sure you are familiar with ZOOM and are a registered user with this platform. Please familiarize yourself with ZOOM before registration so you can enjoy the sessions. Special thanks to Manuel Linhares for this ZOOM advice!

ALL SINGERS registering for these online courses should be sure they have read VOCAL RIVER and worked with Rhiannon's FLIGHT CD. We have a great digital bundle that saves shipping costs and includes the 2 CD FLIGHT for $40. A savings of  over $33.00. Get your copy here