Stand Tall

You were tall as a tree, yes you were.
And you looked right at me. I was so tall too.
We were tall as big as big as a California redwood tree.
Tall and straight standin’ upright in the forest reaching for the sky and the sun.
And everything below us was sheltered in the arms of the trees, like us.
You were big and sure of yourself. And that was just the beginning.
That was the day you were born. That was the day you came right into this world. It was not the first time, apparently.
‘Cause you came out singin’. You came out holding yourself up tall.
Your parents were amazed. They were just amazed.
What are we gonna’ do with this baby?
What are we gonna’ know that this baby doesn’t already know?
We better learn how to sing too.
I just saw a video of a little baby who was less than a year old who was singing in the back seat of the car, riding in a car seat.
It wasn’t just a little dooby doo.
This baby sang for two minutes. Singing all the scat things she knew.
She was dressed in pink, so I assume it was a girl, but how can you tell? When they’re really little you don’t really care if they’re a boy or a girl.
You’re just so glad they’re alive.
So anyway, this baby was sittin’ in the car seat, singin’ to some unknown band that only she can hear.
And her parents are trying to say things like “Yes that was nice when you played with Johnny’s toys.”
“Scat” said the baby.
I’m not kiddin’ you.
Dressed in pink was the baby in the back seat, riding in the car, singing scat, forever she will remember that she was a redwood tree.
Stand tall, little baby. Stand tall, little girl or boy whatever you are. Stand tall.
You’ve been here before.
You don’t have to pretend that you don’t know.
Go ahead and know. Just go ahead and know.
Know everything you wanna’ know. Don’t wait ‘til you can walk, just don’t wait at all.
Just get out there and sing your song. Protect the other ones that don’t know yet.
And her daddy was saying, “Shooby dooby do honey. Shooby dooby do.”
And the baby said “Scat”
Polyrhythm was the name of this baby’s game.
In the back seat, of the car, playing in her car seat.
Workin’ hard to help her parents understand.
Dressed in pink.
Pretty little baby. Just like a tree.
Pretty little baby, just like you and me the day we were born and then little by little we kinda’ forget, we just kinda’ forget our way.
So just picture yourself, sittin’ in a car seat.
In the back of the car, and you’re feelin’ real safe.
And so you just sing along. You might wanna’ try it right now before you forget any further.
This is the moment. Here we are together here we go.
I can only do my version. You each have your own kind of version.
We are all different kinds of trees.
Don’t forget your song. Don’t forget your song.
Don’t forget the words to your song. Don’t forget the gestures that go with the words.
Don’t forget how tall you are.
Don’t forget you are not helpless in these matters.
Oh, forgive us for all our forgetting.
Why do I look up? Why do I look up?
Spirits everywhere. Spirits everywhere. Spirits here and there. Spirits right there. Spirits right there.