Children in the Grasses

All the little children
The children were gathered around.
They decided to stand in a circle,
All the little children gathered around.
Everyone of them, every one of them was waving
something in the air.
I couldn’t quite see what it was, but it made the children happy.
They started dancing in a circle, yah.
They started dancing around, yah.
They started dancing in a great big ole’ circle.
Perfect circle.
Dancing around.
They traded whatever it was they were waving,
with someone else. They just did it automatically.
They were not holding onto their thing while someone else had their thing.
They were just trading them around. Can you imagine?

And it was the only thing they had, all these little children in a circle.
It was the only thing they had, as far as I could tell.
As they were dancing around in a circle.
And then they started to kick up their feet.
Yah they did.
They started to kick up their feet, all the little children dancing in a circle.
They spun around the circle until they were dizzy and then they had to fall down.
But of course because they were children they got right back up again and continued dancing in a circle and spinning because of course spinning makes you feel better and falling down makes you feel even better, even better. Better. Better and better.
They just laid there in the grass.
Why should they get up anymore.
All the little children were laying in the grass.
Oh my god, all the children were laying in the grass.
And it was really tall grass, and so
When they all lay down you could not see them anymore.
It appeared that by magic all the children had disappeared.
Magic of the little children, standing in a circle or laying down in the grass.
Who cares, who cares, who cares?
And then they threw, their little flags or whatever they were, in the air.
That’s all you could see.
Was the little colors bursting in the air.
One of those magical stories, I’m tellin’ you.
One of those magic—I wish they would make movies about that. I would go to a movie about that.
I would sit and watch the children spinning and dancing & throwing colored things in the air and then falling down in the grass and disappearing. I would go to a movie like that.

Just like I went to the movie about Julia cooking.
I like that.
I like movies that have good, good, good times.
There is so much that is hard.
You know what I mean.