Oslo, Norway May 25-26-27, 2019 Saturday, Sunday and Monday

VOCAL RIVER 3 day workshop for experienced singers, teachers, improvisers

This gathering is designed for experienced improvisers -- strong, committed singers & vocal teachers. Deepen your vocabulary and intuitive skills, inventing personal and ensemble music. Improvise in a small group, enjoy solo work in the circle, practice song form, small ensemble exercises, and group collaborations from Rhiannon's book Vocal River.  Bring your ears, heart, mind and voice.  Don't miss this rare offering. in Oslo, Norway.

The studio is located in Oslo.We are happy to be able to offer this workshop at the Norsk Taiji Center.The Norwegian Taiji Center (NTS) has as its vision to bring an understanding of the importance of the interaction between body and mind more clearly into public consciousness. The perfect place for this workshop!

Norsk Taiji Senter   https://www.taiji.no         
Kirkegata 1-3
0153 Oslo   



Rhiannon is incredibly brilliant and fun. I trust her musical instincts completely.  A fellow graduate of MSU (Making Stuff Up) and a member of Voicestra since the beginning, she's one of my very favorite people to improvise with. I'm so glad she's finally taken the time to document her thoughtful, heartfelt, inspired approach  Delve in deeply!   Bobby McFerrin  (about Vocal River)

Beyond seeing the effect you have on me during & after being in your presence, (connecting/embracing heart, music and center), I love watching you at play, witnessing the profound effect you have on others, and the expanding space you continue to claim in the name of reverence, peace and artistic life around the planet
Mark Saunders

Thank you for your generous support, meaningful personal encouragement and for your powerful teaching style which was a mighty fine model for me.. as a teacher you embody a slew of characters changing like quicksilver from moment to moment - you are  open, kind, direct, witty, funny, lighthearted, grounded, compassionate, an arrow slinger, trickster, clown, friend, shaman, wild child, queen, father, mother, artist. I loved every damn minute of the “training.”   Deanna Anderson

Rhiannon, the grand sorcerer, lures all whom she meets, her collaborators,I being one, her students, and her audiences, into the mysteries of her enchanted world of song. How lucky we have been!   Ruth Zaporah, Action Theater

My personal favorite, I have had the privilege of studying, working, and performing with her on several occasions over the last fifteen or so years as her teaching skills have deepened and refined. By now her ability to de-mystify the mysterious worlds of improvisation and of healing is second to none.  The strength of her commitment, blend of patience & hard work, ability to keep it real in all circumstances, and especially to stay vulnerable is nothing short of awe-inspiring.    Sam Rogers         

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VOCAL RIVER non residential workshop
three full days, 6 hours each day
10:00 am to 1:00
lunch break on your own

$500 USD

please register and make a deposit to secure your place in the workshop

 limited to 20 singers and teachers

To register for the workshop, please follow these simple steps:

1. Scroll down to see the registration form.
Please complete the registration and hit the submit button.

2. Please make a deposit or full payment to secure your place in the workshop.
As you scroll down you will see the payment options-click and follow payment instructions.

please note: Because Rhiannon is on tour and traveling to Norway from Hawaii, we cannot offer a refund.
We will credit any deposit or complete payments toward a future workshop. Thank you for your understanding.

Rhiannon's Vocal River book and card set is available as a digital bundle which also includes FLIGHT-Rhiannon's teaching CD.
The book, 33 cards and double CD package is available here: LEARN MORE ABOUT VOCAL RIVER