Featured Artist: Matt Stern

Matt Stern is an artist from Montreal, now living on Vancouver Island. He has been featured in articles and reviews by Exclaim!, Live and Loud Magazine, Forget The Box, and Italian Periodico Daily. According to 2B Magazine’s Jordan Arsenault, “Matt Stern has the winking charm that makes you feel kind of special just to be around him.”

Matt brings a soulful, playful energy to the stage and has toured in Europe, Japan and Latin America. His songs have been featured on CBC Radio, Radio-Canada International and covered by musicians in Japan and South Korea. Toula Foscolos of CJAD Radio says, “Matt Stern has the talent, the voice and the playful audacity to ensure we’ll be talking about him for a while to come.

His new album, Magic, is getting lots of media attention and airplay. Matt will be touring Vancouver Island this year, along with musical projects in Hawaii, California, Montreal and Japan.

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Have you ever felt the truth hidden behind a voice? Have you ever experienced the Magic in listening to Matt Stern? Well, I have.”

Dejan Uberti, Periodico Daily, Italy