10 September 2023    20:00        

The Pull of the Seasons | Margie Gillis

Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder

The Pull of the Seasons “We are all Nature” – Margie Gillis.

In this playful and boisterous new work, Margie Gillis celebrates Nature. A call from the heart to her home province of Quebec, where each season unfolds fiercely, each one more vibrant than the next and shaping who we are. Add into the mix, a long and fruitful collaboration with renowned improvisational singer Rhiannon. Working between their homes in Montreal and Hawaii, Margie also drew her inspiration from ‘Big Island’. Here Nature is personified and honored. Pele, the Goddess of volcanoes, dance, and fire, and creator of the Islands, is the symbol of life. And so, this joyful, angry, fragile, formidable, loud, and precious piece was born.

Nature is embodied by 10 dancers and an improvisational singer; all flying and flowing through the stage to offer us both a delicate and rambunctious, dazzling landscape.

An ode to life and to Nature in all its dimensions, where wit and audacity come together in a poignant performance.

Margie Gillis
in collaboration with the performers



Music (composition) : Rhiannon (recorded and improvisational)

Singer on stage : Rhiannon

Costumes : Sonya Bayer

Lights : Pierre Lavoie

Portrait : Damian Siqueiros

Aknowledgements : 
Louise Lapierre Danse, Springboard Danse Montréal, l’Église Saint-Mark d’Acton Vale

Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Caitlin Griffin, Tessa Rae Kuz, Ruth Naomi Levin, Hoor Malas, Kyana Lyne, Alisia Pobega.

General Public
Duration: 60 minutes
Year of Creation: 2022