December 2021

RHIANNON's NEW CD will be recorded in 2022  and 2023.

Rhiannon is diving into a project called Stories. These are songs of hers, never before recorded or recorded with new instrumentation and arrangements. Also a couple of songs of Joni Mitchell that Rhiannon has in her repertoire - never been heard. 

A note from Rhiannon: 
"As singers we think a lot about lyrics, wanting them to express just what we feel. In this case these are songs I have long wanted to record but the situation hasn’t been right until now. Feels like a cinematic adventure singing these stories that mean so much to me, personal or worldly.  I am completely excited." 

We need to raise some serious money to accomplish our goals and we are seeking your support this December. A very generous anonymous donor has offered to double your donation up to $10,000 USD !! Your gift this December will go even further to help Rhiannon record. 
Very special thanks to our anonymous, generous donor. 

If you have any questions please contact Margie. 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and peaceful holiday season.