March 2017

Precious times.  
Ridiculous times. 
Gathering tools and energy to keep our souls alive. 
Three transformative workshops in Hawaii at Leo Nani farms in January and February this year.  Mele a Hakuwale, All The Way In and The Nature of Voice and Body with Margie Gillis as our guest teacher. 

In addition, we have the pleasure of inviting our neighbors and community to witness our collaborations. The singing barn is a vision realized!  It took an international village! Thanks once again to all of you who contributed to make this dream come true. Please be welcome to come and see the transformation. 

Being able to be home, sleeping in my own bed at night. That is precious. Bringing singers and dancers from around the planet to witness the power of nature and culture here in Hawaii. Walking through the farm each day to the singing barn. That is a mighty and nurturing miracle . Singing. Moving with the Trade Winds. Feeling the connection of voice and body and nature. Growing food to share. Astonishing to see that building on the hill as I take my morning walk. We did it! Real as real can be. 

Tours coming that will also take me to the East Coast and Europe in June, August and October. 
Joining the singers of the world to amplify the resilience of improvisation and gathering in the name of music. 
Signing petitions, making phone calls, being part of the resistance, feeling shocked and mobilized at the same time. 
Returning again and again to music as a force for community, innovation and goodness. 

As I turn 72 in March, I want to keep teaching and performing and doing more of it from home so I can stay strong and connected. Please join me for workshops as I travel or come here to the farm to restore and be inspired. 
I am dreaming up new workshop ideas to integrate the farm even more. 

Thanks to the generosity of our community and our commitment to making this work more widely available, we have been able to offer more scholarship support.  
It matters to build artistic community everywhere, all kinds, large and small. 
Do not be discouraged or isolated. 
Sing for your lives. 
I’m right here beside you. 

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