January 2020

2019—Touring with Gimme5 and Bobby McFerrin, all over Europe, US, Canada. 
In duo with Laurence Hobgood master pianist, eastern Australia. 
With Margie Gillis queenly genius dancer, Montreal, Canada . 
And my own teaching, reaching brave new levels of skill and commitment, me and my students. 
Traveling the world in the company of brilliance and musical devotion. 
These are all my friends. We would gladly spend time together anyway, but to have the music as the solace and gift, 
How generous is the universe. 

Rhiannon Music and Leo Nani Farms now a non profit—Tonal Grace. 
New opportunities for scholarships and creative development for our community of improvisors. 
Margie Farmer……..you rock. 
Holding Rhiannon Music like your child. 
Leo Nani Farms thriving with WWOOF staff, Floyd, Gnocchi, Cat Stevens, Buddha, Mio, cacao orchard, tea, turmeric, pineapples, sugar cane juice, all the tropical fruits, greens, and the amazing singing barn, Ha Lau Leo Nani. All of it more abundant each year. 
All sounds so easy, not at all. And we are blessed. 

Injustice and generosity. 
Joy and endless grief. 
Wealth and graphic poverty. 
Teachers appearing in all shapes and sizes. 
The impeachment. The rain. The frogs at night. Winter Solstice. Fires, floods, hurricanes. 
Children in war and locked up at the border. 
Indigenous women gone missing and murdered. 

Ku Kia’i mauna, protecting Mauna Kea from further development and in the process teaching levels of hula,
mele and Hawaiian culture unimagined since pre-western times. 

All this, while brilliant minds invent strategies to transform plastic, clean the oceans, recycle everything, break down barriers, find solutions, work in community. 
Maybe the next president of the US will be a team. 
Don’t stop dreaming. 
We mustn’t leave the children on their own. We let them know we are still beside them, believing. 

"We are all just walking one another home.” Ram Dass.