November 28, 2018

Everything is stark contrast. 
Tour with Bobby McFerrin and Gimme5 taking us to wonderful European cities. 
Grand opulence in the center of each city, with performances that are artistic, challenging and big learning about focus and the musical mind of Bobby. 
And each one of us shining in our own creative ways. 
Amplified by the emotional rollercoaster of the world. 
f I start to name the particulars, heartbreaks, I crash

Blessing to be a singer. 
The vibrations, the waves of sound have effect. 
In that moment. 
Let this be about that moment, how to extend the moment, the sensation, how to help in real ways. 
Bring light. Send money. Talk with strangers. Stand up. Stand out. Be visible. Take the heat. Help.

Counting all the stars I can see. 
Listening to the sound of the Mediterranean just below me. 
Fires in California that are relentless. 
Yemen in chaos of innocent souls dying from hunger. 
Refugees at the border of the US in danger. 
Children in prison camps. 
On and on.

Now I lay me down to sleep. 
I pray for rain soft and sweet, coming on and on until the fires go out. 
And food for all who need. 
Justice all around. All around. 
Until lying becomes so wrong, so obvious that it is not tolerated. 

Election results that keep bringing hope. Diversity. Women. Fight for all the votes to be counted.

There will be more disasters. We all know it. 
In Estonia, they sang their folk music together, many thousands of them, while the music faced the war and turned history around. 
How can we do this, here, now, everywhere? What would it take to be strong enough? How many of us? 
If I sing does it help? 
Can an improvisation crash against lies because it is in the present, it is spontaneous, because it is brave? 
Inspired by the entity called music, the angels of music? 

Every time I stand on stage empty and waiting for the music that wants to be sung, I feel gratitude to those angels. 
When I stand on stage with Gimme5, we are each offering ourselves to the entity of music. 
Doesn’t 5 make that offering even stronger? 

Take us all to the water, to the dirt, to the fire, to the music that is everywhere. 

We all breathe. 

Blessings on us all, heading for Winter Solstice and the return of the light.