May 2017

All the while the spring comes on. 
Everything seems like madness and cruelty but the plants continue on. 
Starts with little blossoms. 
Here in Hawaii the blossoms are incredibly fragrant. 
You know, fruit trees, citrus, macadamia nuts, coffee, cacao and the glorious puakenikeni and plumeria. 
Then comes the fruiting. Not all blossoms become fruit. 
Some are flowers and that is their gift. 
But some change from tiny blossoms to equally tiny fruits. 
Many of these fruits fall off. They have to. No tree can support all those efforts. 
Some fruits hang on and begin to grow. They are so small, so miniature at first. 
Seems impossible they will become avocados or mangoes or tangerines or even pineapples. 
Maybe it is like you and me. 
Our fruiting which happens many times in a life, in many ways. 
Seems impossible we will be able to sustain the energy, the courage, the insight, to mature. 
And the process takes time. Months at least and sometimes for us humans, years, a lifetime. 
It is only worth it if we know the process matters. 
And that it doesn’t happen A,B,C,D etc. It is a long and winding road. Don’t you know? 
How grateful I am to live where I can see this fruiting and recognize the process in other species of life. 
Wanna be mature? Wanna be rich and full of flavor? Wanna be sweet and potent? 
Gotta fruit all the way to harvest. 
And the beauty is, it happens over and over. Can we handle it? Fruit again? Ripen again? 
Cycles. This one we are in is a doozy. Asking everything of us. 
Asking us to fruit wildly. Fruit with abandon. Fruit like there is no tomorrow. 
And do it for all those around you. We feed one another. 
Hope the metaphor holds. 
I treasure our dreams. 
Be safe and wild and tasty. 
With love in the process,