Rhiannon Music is gratified to announce that we are now a non-profit organization.

 Our organization decided to concentrate on creating a viable and enduring scholarship program for singers of color and working artists who want to study with Rhiannon.

We strive to support a diverse and world wide population.
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation you can do so by mailing a check directly to:

Tonal Grace, Inc.           EIN 83-1584595   
PO BOX 371
Hakalau, Hawaii  96710 

If you prefer a bank wire please contact Margie for more information.   margiecaot@gmail.com    252-202-0865

We thank you for your loving support of Rhiannon and her work. 
 Your generous contributions allow our community of singers, teachers and healers
to collaborate across continents and envision the arts as a powerful tool for joyous world peace.