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Mele a Hakuwale 2023 To Sing & Improvise : December 1st - 9th, 2023 VOCAL RIVER Residential Workshop for Experienced Improvisers

We suggest and hope singers attend the workshop fully vaccinated
         - please note we require testing before you leave home and upon arrival.
Please travel with covid tests and masks.
It is out goal to keep everyone as healthy as possible!

We send our sincere wishes for your continued health and happiness.

With continued gratitude for the truly resonant experience Rhiannon facilitated/ cultivated / created, etc. My cells and spirit feel profoundly changed for the better.- Nate Dewart 2023

Singers who have completed this workshop.
Mimi Bornstein​, Nathaniel Dewart​, Anne Dixon​, Bram Kaprow
Ute Korell​, Elizabeth Melvin​, Klaus Neuhold​, Phoebe Osborne
Tamuz  Shiran​, Tina Stromsted​, Akiko Nabara Terai​, Elise Witt
ONLINE 2020 
Rosi Amador, ​ ​Rachel Bagby, Marie Black, Kay Bourgine
Britt Dean, Emile Dyer, Shawna Hett, Molly MacMillan ​
Eva Novak, Charlotte Roberts, Kasia Rokicka, Alice Saltonstall
Kylie Whyte, Jane Williams, Davin Young, Diana Yourke

JUNE 2018 
Jessica Baker, Barbara Ford, Lisa Forkish,  Colee Garr.
Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau , Charles Haines , Davis Haines 
Ingrid James, Mahina Lee ,Gary Malkin. Dory Meade,
Bonnie Singer, Fiona Stewart

January 2017
Lauren Arrow, Maya Rogers-Arun, Jeralynn Glass, Sally Glover, Charles Haines, Linda Maich, Jennifer Noxon, Peter Walden,
Vera Westera, Michiko Yoshino

January 2016
Christopher Fleck, Kimberly Ford, Caryn Heilman, 
Ellen Korner, Christine Liu, Augusto Manuel Rocha e Silva, 
Nana Simopoulos, Darlene Spears, Conny van Leeuwen Marion Van Namen, Joyce Weber, Heidi Wilson

February 2015
Barbara Beckmann, Marie Black, Leandro Cavalcante, 
Itauana Ciribelli, Kane Clawson, Zelie  Duvauchelle, 
Evan Feist, Barbara Ford, Mélanie Anne Germain,  
Marielle Hintzen, Jascha Hoffman , Sarah  Jessop, 
Neysa Ricciardi, Charlotte Roberts, Joannie Spear, 
Susie Thorne Cara Trezise 

January 2014
Maya Ayam, Judy Berger, Rikka Bjerring, Jeanie DeQuine, 
Ellen Fiscus, Christopher Fleck, Sue Anne Gershenzon, 
Natasha Grant, Jessica Habie, Jessica Horwitz, Pedro Iado, 
Malia Kulp, Henk de Laat, Alice Ploss, Cara Trezise, Jennifer Yocum

January 2013
Eleni Arapoglou, Gabriella Coniglio, Ruth Cunningham, Kali Cox, Fraua Kruse-Zaiss, Judith Norbrock, Noemi Schneeberger,
Donald C Stewart, Tina Stromsted, Cara Trezise, Michiko Yoshino

January 2012
Grant Abert, Rachel Bagby, Maraya Ben-Joseph,  Lauren Chapman, Sascha Cohn, Lori Derr, Gayanne Geurin, Malene Kjærgård,  
Guri Nyhaug, Christiane Raby, Betty Roi, Virginia Schenck,
Nicky Schrire, Jhonny Sz

January 2011
Karin Bengmark, Sabine Bundsch, Ruth Cunningham,
Monique DeBose, Lori Derr, Francois Goeske, 
Mia Hsieh, Sonja Kreiner, Kevyn Lettau, 
Lucia Rodriguez, Sandrina Sedona, Kristian Skårhøj,
Ariel Thiermann, Cara Trezise

January 2010
Avis Berry, Bronwyn Cooke, Loren Eskenazi,
Janiece Jaffe, Joanne Charllotte Karlsted, Christiane Karam,
J. Lauterling Kelly, Hilde Knottenbelt , Francine Poitras,
Sofîa Ribeiro, Sandrina Sedona, Petra Scheeser,
Luisa Vieira, Lynne Wells

November 2008
Ariella, Stephanie Croff, Jackie Dandeneau,
Loren Eskenazi, Ana Guigui, Starr Kalahiki, Margreet
Ravestein, Virna Sanzone, Annie Sellick, Fiona Stewart, 
Deb Watt,  Michiko Yoshino

November 2007 
Ginny Chen, Loren Eskenazi, Anna Johnson,
Mimi Manners, Sussi Nyqvist, Becky Reardon,
Betty Roi, Fritzi Schnell, Randi Tytingvag,
Laura Wachter, Faith Winthrop, Jodi Wright

February 2007
Silvia Barden, Ruth Cunningham, Saul Germaine, 
Germaine Ingram, Janiece Jaffe, Liz Kohlenberg, 
Jean Langford, Katia Leonardo, Judy Stein, 
Paula Terry, Alison Wedding, Michiko Yoshino 

November 2006
Grant Abert, Emile Dyer, Loren Eskenazi, 
Saul Germaine, Rebekka Goldsmith, Will Hewett, 
Katia Leonardo, Raffaella Misiti, Dara Roberts, 
Wendy Rubin, Johanna Seiler, Nicoline Snaas, 
Alison Wedding

April 2006
Sarah Greer, Rebecca Jones, Jaydn McCune, 
Donna Mittenthal, Laurel Murphy, Carol Newell, 
Celeste Niehaus, Louise Pearson, Patty Shafner, 
Tina Stromsted, Betty Tomboulian, Elise Witt,  
Miichiko Yoshino 

April 2005
Mimi Baczewska, Jean Barkey, Evita Cobo,
Lizzie Eschelman, Loren Eskenazi, Ellen Fiscus,
Annie Follett, Becky Graber, Cherilynn Morrow,
Laurie Newell, Ginger Newton, CJ Hurford,
Lynne Wells, Jennifer Yocum

From Rhiannon

Mele is for all you beautiful singers working in the worlds of performance, teaching --busy with your professional lives. Come to Hawaii and recharge your creative and emotional batteries with improvisation. Now more than ever we need the community of song.

I invite you to a vocal gathering on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We will use the Vocal River exercises as the basis for study of vocal improvisation as we invent new forms and collaborate on musical ideas. We will find the connections between preparation and performance as we blend song form and sound, all the while feeling the magic this island has in abundance.  

We will travel to special places nearby and around the Hilo side for swimming, lava walking, local cultural events, farmer’s markets, local crafts shopping and a day long trip to the Volcano to sing in the environment of Pele in all her power.

I believe you will find a profound sense of ohana (family) here that is important in this world of disconnect and isolation. Local folks and kapuna sometimes come by to share music and talk story with their knowledge of the traditions and history of these islands. Kumu Ryan McCormack will visit us for one day using his extensive knowledge of hula and Hawaiian music to help integrate us so we can appreciate being able to sing together in this unique environment.

 It is a reminder that when we sing, the earth is always under our feet, and it matters that we acknowledge and honor where we are. That is why it is precious to come to Hawaii Island and sing for your life!

With the blessing of aloha,