Vocal River 4-Day Workshop 
Melbourne, Australia 
July 27-30, 2019

SORRY SOLD OUT   Please check Rhiannon's schedule for other workshops and concerts in Australia during the tour, August 1-11. We hope to see you!!

Workshop Location:
Abbotsford Convent | Tuition: $600.00 USD
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067  map

This gathering is designed for experienced improvisers -- strong, committed singers & vocal teachers. Deepen your vocabulary and intuitive skills, inventing personal and ensemble music. Improvise in a small group, enjoy solo work in the circle, practice song form, small ensemble exercises, and group collaborations from Rhiannon's book Vocal River.  Don't miss this rare Australian non - residential offering.  Bring your ears, heart, mind and voice.

For 20 singers, teachers and ensemble members or leaders who want to deepen their skills in vocal improvisation.

Workshop Schedule

Note: Daily arrival time is between 9:30 am --9:45 am. 

Saturday July 27 
10 am -1:00 pm (lunch break) 2:30 - 6:00 pm 
Sunday July 28 
10 am -1:00 pm (lunch break) 2:30 - 6:00 pm 
Monday, July 29 
10 am -1:00 pm (lunch break) 2:30 - 6:00 pm 
Tuesday July 30 
10 am - noon (lunch break) 1:00-3:00 pm

Sorry for the  change in hours... Rhiannon is going to play the JazzLab with Laurence Hobgood so we had to adjust the hours slightly.

If you have any questions, please contact Margie.

... Rhiannon is a LIGHTNING BOLT. The charge is continuous, illuminating and revitalizing.
Susan Lachmann, Women On Air

Rhiannon is incredibly brilliant and fun. I trust her musical instincts completely.  A fellow graduate of MSU (Making Stuff Up) and a member of Voicestra since the beginning, she's one of my very favorite people to improvise with. I'm so glad she's finally taken the time to document her thoughtful, heartfelt, inspired approach. Delve in deeply! 
Bobby McFerrin  (about Vocal River) 
Click here to learn about Rhiannon's 2018-2019 tour with Bobby

Rhiannon’s mastery as a vocalist, performer and teacher of vocal improvisation is obvious and precious. Yet her biggest gift goes beyond music.  It is the sheer distance and depth of exploration she has lived to become so fully and irreplaceably herself, arousing the courage and inspiration in those around her to undertake their own version of the same journey.   
David Hatfield, Leadership Consultant and Educational Facilitator  TEDx talk on Male Vulnerability

Thank you for your generous support, meaningful personal encouragement and for your powerful teaching style which was a mighty fine model for me...  as a teacher you embody a slew of characters changing like quicksilver from moment to moment - you are  open, kind, direct, witty, funny, lighthearted, grounded, compassionate, an arrow slinger, trickster, clown, friend, shaman, wild child, queen, father, mother, artist. I loved every damn minute of the “training.”   Deanna Anderson


PAYMENT-complete payments are due no later than June 1, 2019

Sorry, due to travel and studio rental costs there are no refunds.
If you need to cancel, Rhiannon will credit your payment to a future workshop, concert or merchandise. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Location & Parking

The Abbotsford Convent is located at the end of St Heliers Street, Abbotsford. The easiest way to get there is to go via Johnston Street, turn onto Clarke Street, then turn left onto St Heliers Street.  MELWAYS: Ref 44 G5

Parking: No vehicles are permitted onsite. All day parking is available in the car park directly across from the Convent on St Heliers Street. The machines accept credit cards, notes and gold coins. Funds from the car park go towards the restoration and daily operation of the Convent. 

 Click here for detailed public transport and visitor information