Dear singers,
I greet you in these unprecedented times with the challenge to sing the exalting power of music. 
Especially spontaneous music, drawn from your experience, from your skills, from your lives. 
I am more determined than ever to gather…

December 2021

RHIANNON's NEW CD will be recorded in 2022  and 2023.

Rhiannon is diving into a project called Stories. These are songs of hers, never before recorded or recorded with new instrumentation and arrangements. Also a couple of songs…

FALL 2021

Aloha to all of you. 
I am in the healing process after two retinal eye surgeries. 
Because this detachment was chronic, had been happening for some years, the reattachment is slow. 
The retina wants to stay in the place it…

January 2021

"Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King 
and recognize that there are ties between us, all men and women living on the Earth. 
Ties of hope and love, sister and brotherhood, that we are bound together 

fall 2020 LIve from Tomales Bay

​​ When I moved to Inverness in 1989 with a broken heart, I rented a house on stilts directly on Tomales Bay in West Marin. 
 Then over some months back in South Dakota, my mom grew sick with cancer and…

May 2020

painting by Ronald Dong, husband of Rhiannon's sister, Janet

In the ’90’s I lived in a very small cottage built on stilts at the edge of Tomales Bay in Northern California. Extending out onto the bay was a simple but…


January 2020

2019—Touring with Gimme5 and Bobby McFerrin, all over Europe, US, Canada. 
In duo with Laurence Hobgood master pianist, eastern Australia. 
With Margie Gillis queenly genius dancer, Montreal, Canada . 
And my own teaching, reaching brave new levels of skill and…


Spring 2019

Over a year ago, Margie Farmer, my manager and I, decided to concentrate on creating a viable and enduring scholarship program for singers of color and working artists who want to study with me. We strive to support a diverse…


November 28, 2018

Everything is stark contrast. 
Tour with Bobby McFerrin and Gimme5 taking us to wonderful European cities. 
Grand opulence in the center of each city, with performances that are artistic, challenging and big learning about focus and the musical mind of…


March 2018

In 1994 after I went to India with Fran Peavey and a group of social change activists and artists, Fran got the idea to take a group of women to the former Yugoslavia which was in the midst of a…


December 2017

Ohhh, it cracks my heart to read Laurel Murphy’s account of visiting holy places in India just now in 2017. 
It has reminded me of my own time in India so I thought I would revisit some memories of that…