ATWI Summit 2020 Registration

Happy singers are telling us "I'm coming!!!".  46 singers have registered already --it is going to be a happening!!!
Please submit your registration form and your deposit or full payment as soon as possible.
Thank you!

SPECIAL SAVINGS: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A BED,( this is NOT a twin room with separate beds)...if you would be willing to share a bed, email Margie to discuss the options. You can save $400 if you would be willing to share a bed with another singer. LET MTF know ASAP if you would like to discuss this option, THX!

Registration Form


Please make your deposit or full payment to reserve your space at the 2020 birthday summit!
Note: $2600 workshop fee is for a double occupancy room
-shared room/individual beds.

 $250 surcharge for private room. $400 discount for a shared BED.

Full payment due no later than Nov. 15, 2019.

If you would like to send a payment for a different amount you can do so by sending a paypal payment directly to the  RHIANNON MUSIC paypal account.
The email for this paypal account is:
*please be sure to include a note that states: ATWI 2020 SUMMIT