Atlanta: October 18, 2019

Join Rhiannon for this special one-day Vocal River masterclass,
for singers who have worked with Rhiannon before
or are experienced improvisers..
To register, fill out the form below and submit your payment. 
Full payment due by September 15, 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019 

10:00 am - 1:00 pm
1:00 - 2:30 pm lunch break
2:30-5:30 pm
Fee: $150
Private home in Pine Lake; details given upon registration

For those singers who have studied with Rhiannon or who are experienced in improvisation. This gathering is limited to 20 experienced  improvisers -- strong, committed singers & vocal teachers who want to be more engaged in improvisation.
Hoping to meet new singers as well as refresh relationships with returning friends. Bring your ears, heart, mind and voice.  Limit  20.

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About Rhiannon

As a master teacher for more than 40 years, Rhiannon is in a category by herself, exploring the skill and spirit of improvisation. Her expertise lies with the connection between body and voice, teaching the invention of melody, harmony, rhythm, language, and story while guiding the singer towards the heart and soul of their musical self.   QUOTES    BIO

Rhiannon’s mastery as a vocalist, performer and teacher of vocal improvisation is obvious and precious. Yet her biggest gift goes beyond music.  It is the sheer distance and depth of exploration she has lived to become so fully and irreplaceably herself, arousing the courage and inspiration in those around her to undertake their own version of the same journey.   David Hatfield, Leadership Consultant and Educational Facilitator  TEDx talk on Male Vulnerability

As a person who works at the convergence of activism, spirituality, and the arts, I experience Rhiannon and her work as the perfect medicine for me in these times. Vocal improvisation grounds me and strengthens my voice, my body, my gratitude, my creativity, and my courage for the times we live in. I consider her work a form of alchemical activism, growing beauty, presence, and intention for the healing of our world.   Barbara Ford


Because Rhiannon is on tour we cannot refund deposits or full workshop payments. If necessary, we will put your payment to a future workshop that we produce. Thanks for your understanding.