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May 2015

Earthquakes and volcanoes going off.
Cities cracking open.
All of us standing at attention.
Bowing to the power of the great Mother once again.
Must be time for music!
I fly on May 6 to the East Coast and then to Europe for a month.
Concerts and workshops.
WeBe3 joining up once again. What a miracle to sing with Joey and David.
Lucky, lucky me.
Until we can hear stones.
Until the trees release their magic knowledge.
Until there is enough time.
Until we are not afraid.
Until we hear the message of the music.
Until then, let’s try to be kinder, more forgiving.
Sing more often than we shout.
Carry ourselves with the awareness that our ancestors are watching.
Believe in magic and creativity as healing force.
Stand up for the ones who are hurt.
Carry more than our share sometimes.
Bury resentment.
Go to the source of power and bow.
To Mauna Kea.
To the vast oceans.
To the children and kupuna.
To the right and left.
For all of creation.
My heart to yours.
See you out there.
Love and music to you all.

Ha Lau Leo Nani - The Gathering Place

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