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FRIDAY MAY 6, 2016
Rhiannon with ALL THE WAY IN singers
March, 2016

Spring arriving.
Our singing barn has a full, gorgeous roof. Beautiful, long awaited like the rain.
Much more to do before the first session of All The Way In arrives on the farm in late May.
I want to have my Steinway sitting on the completed barn floor by then.
Barn doors swung wide open to welcome the singers.
Music in the air.
Before all that.
In mid April I head out for concerts and teaching.
Duo concert with Laurence Hobgood at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA.
Workshop in Baltimore.
All The Way In meets for our third and final session in Montreal.
Reunion of the alumni of All The Way In ignites in Woodstock, NY.
These events out on the road balance a good long winter on the farm in Hawaii.
I am one lucky woman.
I’m teaching a six week series in Hilo and finally finding some island singers who want to improvise.
Learning this winter about speaking my mind but judging which words will actually help rather than just relieve me.
Remembering to enter a conversation with kindness, so maybe I have to wait until I can feel kindness rather than my opinion.
Cultural differences, life style differences, spiritual differences. 
Integrity. Kindness. Collaboration. Honesty.
With months ahead of political positioning.
I find myself watching and listening. 
Saying my prayers for good leadership.
Keeping council with myself.
May we speak boldly when it matters, speak softly if it helps to open doors.
May this election bring us a kind, smart, collaborative, spiritual president, and good advisors.
May the refugees of the world, especially from Syria, remind us of our connection as humans and as fellow immigrants.
May we find home and help create home for others.
Bless the songs inside us.

Ha Lau Leo Nani - The Gathering Place


ATWI Reunion: May 1-8, 2016 Woodstock, NY

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